One of my favorite parts of working in the real estate industry is its diversity. Not only are there many career opportunities, but there are many various types of real estate that exists. For many, they find their niche and stick to it. But for those who appreciate variety, dabbling in various kinds of real estate is a great way to build out your portfolio. As developers, we often find our toes dipped in more than one of the real estate types. For those who think real estate is just homes, keep reading in order learn all about the many faces of properties.
The most well-known type of real estate is seen in the form of homes, apartments, and other residential accommodations. For most real estate agents, this is their area of focus, though some will specialize in certain styles of these properties. Residential real estate is often where most people start their careers in the industry. While many will stay within this field, it can often act as a great stepping stone into other branches. One of the main reasons why residential properties are so popular is simple, people are always going to need somewhere to live. Investors often begin developing their portfolio with residential real estate, knowing that it will likely bring in consistent revenue.
There is sometimes a fine line drawn between residential and commercial real estate when it comes to apartments. Often, those in the industry define commercial real estate as property that is owned to specifically produce income. Examples of commercial properties include; shopping centers, office buildings, and hotels. Often, we see commercial real estate owned by outside investors and businesses. However, large companies sometimes own their own property in order to rent out any extra space to smaller businesses.
The real estate industry is a place where professionals have the flexibility to find various areas of interest. With the many types of properties to work with and invest in, someone’s real estate portfolio can be diverse and plentiful. In so many parts of the country, people are developing thriving careers that focus around properties. The many viable opportunities for investing, selling, brokering, and showcasing is what makes the real estate so competitive and intriguing.