Even the most beautiful home requires some staging when it comes to showings. It’s a little adjustment that makes a big difference when it comes to staging: proper staging can truly make or break a home for some future homeowners at a showing. But why does the staging of a home have such a large impact? The following outlines the importance of making your home a place potential buyers see themselves in.

Clutter in the Gutter
When a potential buyer attends a showing only to experience the chaos of your house in its craziness setting, they might decide to distance themselves from the option and explore somewhere else instead. Think about it: if you were looking to buy a new home and there were stacks of mail on the kitchen table and boxes stacked against the wall in the living room, you probably wouldn’t want to spend too much time in the space.

Not only is clutter a big turn-off for potential buyers, but it also draws their attention away from the more desirable features of the home. The countertops in the kitchen might be marble, but if you have a collection of water glasses you still haven’t moved away from the area next to the sink, your potential buyer might not even notice what a difference the marble makes. Highlighting your features and ensuring nothing casts a shadow over them is the primary goal of staging; don’t let a little clutter be the culprit of an undeserved unsuccessful showing.     


Trust in Your Stager
This might seem the most straight forward part, but staging homes is too important to potential buyers for you to take your stager’s plans personally. Your stager isn’t there to turn the inside of your house into a million dollar mansion, but they’re also not there to listen to you tell them how to do their job. You have a stager because you know how integral of a part it is to selling a home! Don’t hire someone so you can do their job for them.

If you trust your stager to do their job, they will be sure to find the most optimal and desirable arrangements for your space, which will essentially attract the right buyer in the long run. By having a stager, you are demonstrating how important it is for you as a seller to have a beautiful home, and when potential buyers see that, they are much more likely to place an offer or at the very least even consider your property.


With these things in mind, you will surely be on your way to prepping for your next showing in the best way possible. Your home has a place in your heart, and staging it doesn’t mean it won’t anymore! Instead, create a new space your potential buyer can see themselves making their own, and let your stager take the reins from there.