In the real estate industry, many people often forget the various roles that occur behind the scenes. While realtors are often the only people that a buyer or seller deals with, it is important to know the vital roles that others involved in the process play. Real estate developers take on one of the greatest responsibilities of a project and are relied upon for many major decisions.


What is the Role of the Real Estate Developer?

The main goal of the real estate developer is to get a project off of the ground. Upon obtaining a piece of property, the real estate developer is then faced with the decision on how to utilize the facility. We often see a piece of property bought and renovated by the developer. If it is simply a piece of land, they will almost always use it to construct homes or commercial buildings on. In this profession, you will often find developers diving into numerous projects at a time. As there are multiple types of real estate, it is likely that a developer has a specialty or niche style of real estate they typically choose to work with. The most common forms of real estate are residential and commercial.


How Does One Become a Real Estate Developer?

One of the greatest aspects of this industry is the diverse backgrounds that the professionals come from. Often, you will find someone who was previously a broker or agent become a residential developer. We frequently see people transition to the development side of the industry after being on the selling and buying end. Those with experience in construction and building also find themselves with an interest in the development side of the project. It is common for many people to being their developer career as an entrepreneur. While development companies are scattered around the world, most individuals start out with small projects to gain a perspective before venturing to larger scales.


Are There Any Necessary Skills or Education Required?

Although there is no formal education necessary to become a real estate developer, it is important to have a wide variety of skills to succeed. As a real estate developer wear many hats, they must have knowledge in finance, marketing, and of course real estate. In this field, we often see developers in many meetings and agenda setting environments. This being said, having strong communication and interpersonal methods are crucial to filling the role adequately. As previously mentioned, a large portion of real estate developers come with the skills of an agent or architect. The education from such backgrounds often provides new developers with a solid foundation for their future career.