The holiday season is one of the best times of the year. It’s easy to get caught up in celebrations and joyfulness of the holiday. When it comes to selling a house during the holidays, it’s best not to get swept up in the in the fun decorations. Even if you look forward to it every year, indulging in decorating your home for the holidays when you’re trying to sell it isn’t the right move. Check out these tips for selling your home during the holidays:

Cons of Decorating

Most realtors will tell you not to decorate your home for the holidays if you’re selling it. The main reason being that decorations are very distracting when showing your home. If there are elaborate Christmas or other holiday decorations everywhere, it can take away from the other essential aspects of the property. Most days out of the year, the house won’t look like a winter wonderland for a buyer to have the correct perspective in the house and see what it looks like.

Other times, there will be other buyers will not celebrate the same holidays as you do because of their culture or religion. Seeing your decorations might turn them off a bit . The home should always look relatable and consistent for each potential buyer; the house should appear neutral. Most buyers will want to envision their own lives in the home, but it’s hard to do with excessive holiday decorations everywhere.

Pros of Decorating

If Christmas, Hanukkah or other holidays are important and choosing to not decorate sounds too hard for you, decorations can be done in moderation. Consider a wreath on the front door or a mini Christmas tree. Other realtors highly encourage you to decorate for the holidays. They believe keeping the decorations warm and tasteful can add to the home and encourage the buyer to purchase.

Some buyers expect to see the homes they’re shopping to be decorated. Appealing to every buyer by keeping it neutral during the holidays can leave it feeling bland and empty. Small decorations can add appeal and warmth to the property. As long as the decorations are not over the top, it can sell a property.

The decision to decorate your home for the holidays could potentially affect when or if it sells. If your house isn’t decorated, it could come off as cold and unwelcoming. On the contrary, a house that is too decorated can turn off other buyers. In general, small decorations like a string of lights on the outside or a gingerbread house in the kitchen is just the right touch of holiday cheer.