In the world of real estate, the price tag of $1,500 is highly subjective. In some areas of the globe, tenants can live in the lap of luxury for this amount; in others, they’d be laughed out of town for expecting to pay so little. Read on for a sampling of what $1,500 in rent will buy in varying towns around the world.


London, United Kingdom

In London, a bloke can live happily and cozily in a fully outfitted studio with tiled bath and decent kitchen space for this kind of money. For two, it’s likely to be a bit cramped, but it will meet the needs of a single quite nicely.


Rockland, Maine, USA

This cozy coastal hamlet might be pricey by Maine standards, but by global ones, it’s a steal. For $1,400, a family might snag a 3-bedroom, 2-bath house, all within walking distance to town.


San Jose, California, USA

A snug one-bedroom apartment can be had for this price, near Burbank and Los Angeles to boot. It’s clean, functional, and attractive.


Queensland, Australia

$1,500 US dollars stretch a bit further in the Land Down Under. For this price, it’s possible to rent a sunny 2-bedroom apartment located just steps from the beach. It might be in a complex, but outdoor enthusiasts aren’t likely to care.


Kathmandu, Nepal

In Nepal, 150,000 rupees translates to one month’s rent for a gorgeous four-bedroom, five-bath house, complete with lawn, swimming pool, and separate servants’ quarters.


Mumbai, India

94,000 Indian rupees will cover the bill for a month at a three-bedroom, two-bath apartment, located in a complex with its own tennis courts and jogging track.


New York City, New York, USA

Here the dollars don’t do as much work for the tenant, as housing in the Big Apple is highly competitive. A tiny one-bedroom pad in Brooklyn is likely to cost about $1,425.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

$13,580 pesos (about $1,488 USD) earns a month’s rent at a one-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath apartment in a high-rise. Views of the city are appealing, and there is an on-site gym and walk-in wardrobe.


Shanghai, China

A minuscule one-bedroom, one-bath flat can be had for 8,564 Chinese yuan–a little under $1,400. This is the price one pays for the privilege of living in such a cosmopolitan city.