Michael Touchette

Professional Overview

Michael Touchette is a real estate developer and builder located in Lynnhurst, Massachusetts. For over thirty years his company MT Realty has carried out the completion of numerous residential projects in the New England area. Michael is proud to note that his company handles nearly every aspect of the construction process, including site work and landscaping. Consequently, he is able to offer clients an unparalleled real estate experience.

When he was only 17 years old, Michael Touchette realized that he wanted to pursue a career in real estate. He became interested in the industry after doing roofing, siding, and general repair work on houses in his neighborhood. These jobs gave Michael an appreciation for all of the hard work that goes into constructing a house. These early experiences also made it clear to Michael that he wanted to be involved in as many aspects of homebuilding as possible.

While attending Wentworth Institute of Technology, Michael Touchette operated his first real estate business. During this period he employed at least eight individuals at a time to help him do painting, roofing, and remodeling jobs. After he graduated from college, Michael purchased land in order to create subdivisions and advance his career as a developer.

Throughout his career, Michael Touchette’s main focus has been constructing residential housing. He particularly enjoys helping clients build the homes of their dreams. Many of his customers have never had a house built for them before. Due to his years of experience in the industry, Michael has an especially clear vision for what the finished product will look like. When he meets with clients he is able to skillfully guide them through the entire building process. Michael takes the time to answer all of their questions and address any concerns. Taking the time to walk clients through the homebuilding process is particularly important because Michael constructs a lot of custom homes. While building a custom home presents some difficulties, Michael has the knowledge and expertise to make the undertaking run as smoothly as possible.

Over the years Michael Touchette has given advice to many people who are interested in a real estate career. The advice that Michael most often gives is that in order to succeed in the real estate industry you must have solid multitasking skills, organization skills, and the drive to work long hours. Finding success in the real estate industry has never been easy. While some may think that Michael’s work looks easy from an outside perspective, that’s simply a testament to his skills and the success he has achieved.

Michael Touchette’s latest project is called Essex Landing. The $150 million project will feature 256 one-bedroom apartments, a hotel, and 100,000 square feet of retail space. Michael and his team purchased the site from Route One Miniature Golf & Batting Cages, home of the iconic orange dinosaur statue. After the purchase, Michael pledged to save the statue by featuring it on the Essex Landing site. This decision delighted local residents who created an online petition to “save” the dino from extinction.

Outside of work Michael enjoys traveling with his wife and friends. While he has gone on many international trips, he also enjoys spending time in Nantucket, Massachusetts during the summer season.

Essex Landing Development

One-bedroom Apartments

Square Feet of Retail Space


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